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Our mission is to mobilize the Real Estate community to address the plight of homeless pets. We are not a shelter or rescue organization. Rather, we are a volunteer-run, charitable service organization.

โ€œLet Them All Liveโ€

Real Estate to the Rescue is a supporter and promoter of the No Kill Sheltering movement. ย We are a firm believer in the motto “Save Them All” and the principle that euthanasia is performed only on animals who are beyond medical and behavioral training help. ย Due to this belief, we support only those rescues and shelters who adhere to this sheltering philosophy and openly support No Kill.

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RTTR Impact

"Lost Dogs Illinois is dedicated to the proposition that a strong Return to Owner(RTO) program can significantly decrease the numbers of animals that end up in shelters in our communities. By returning pets to their owners we can have an impact on the numbers of animals killed. Our partnership with Real Estate to the Rescue is key to achieving this goal. Their contributions to our efforts, both financially and through volunteer efforts, have allowed us to make a difference. "

Susanย Taney

Lost Dogs Illinois

"North Chicago Animal Control is a small animal control in Lake County Illinois. We only have one ACO and take in approximately 300 animals a year. We have been no kill for five years. We also hold yearly free canine clinics. We help residents in our community with medical bills and such for their pets. No way could we ever do this alone. We are only do able to do it with the help of amazing organizations like real estate to the rescue. What real estate to the rescue has done to help us help our animals and the pets in our community is something we will be forever grateful for. They have provided over 300 Martingale collars and leashes at our clinics for the dogs in our community. They have sponsored many of our dogs that encourages rescues to step up and rescue them and save their lives. They have supported us financially and emotionally. When we have such organizations behind us it gives us motivation and belief that we can continue to do what we do as a no-kill animal control."

North Chicago Animal Control

" As the Founder of Barriers Against Repeated Cruelty, BARC Chicago, I want to personally thank you for your all your years of help and support for our animal companions. Your support has allowed BARC to: save our animal companions from death at kill facilities -fund training assistance -supply food for animal family members -offer veterinary care for those in immediate need Saving lives is what we do and RTTR's support has been invaluable, your backing reliable, and your friendship dependable. These are qualities that we donโ€™t see often, but need to be applauded and acknowledged."

Barriers Against Repeated Cruelty, BARC Chicago

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Real Estate To The Rescue is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization..

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